So here we go again, as I attempt to get this blog started. Persistence is one of our key values with girlsCAN and I plan on keeping this going. I’m Ciara, the founder of girlsCAN. Not sure, who if anyone will be joining us on the adventures of reading this blog. Its going to be a mixture though. My observations and experiences as I still experience the ‘beautiful game’ as a player, updates as to what is going on with girlsCAN, funny stories that happen along the way.

After a very busy year with girlsCAN, where I would say our biggest accomplishment was overcoming many obstacles in pulling off the very first “Western Canada Soccer Showcase” in March. A few days later, I left for Norway, specifically Asker, a suburb of Oslo, where I had the opportunity to play for one of the top teams in the Toppserien league. My first week there was spent at the famed training grounds of “La Manga” in Spain, where under 25 degree temperatures, I had the chance to do 2 a days with some of the top players from around the world, including my favourite Norwegian player, Lise Klaveness, and the Danish captain Katrine Pedersen, and a number of other unbelievable players. I watched Asker play on TV a few years ago when I was playing in Denmark, and always had it in my mind that I wanted to play for them, so in a way I was realizing one of my dreams. Fast forward a couple of months later, and now I am in Ottawa playing for the W League Fury. We’re gearing up for our conference playoffs which we will have in a few weeks and most likely will be facing FC Indiana, a team with many of our Ottawa teammates from last season. Should be interesting!

On the girlsCAN front, we have tons of exciting stuff coming up, that I can’t wait to get going on. We have the highest registration we have ever had for our girlsCAN Summer Camp and team camps, our programs lined up for the fall, with an awesome, motivated and motivating staff who have proved themselves over the last 2 years to be unbelievably capable.  We’re continuing to plan our work with the elite high school females, with a camp in August, and lots of great stuff planned over the next few months, as we gear up for the second annual, WC Showcase.

Tons of great stuff coming up. We look forward to taking you along for the ride!!

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