I have been joking lately that since I got home from Ireland, I feel like I have been smashed over the head with a Buddha. What does this mean you ask? Well I just feel like I have been totally mellow about whatever being thrown my way. The weird thing is that nothing really has changed from where it was before; I still have not received a penny that is owed to me from Kolbotn, which now is up into the thousands of dollars. Now, ironically enough, although they say its been taken care of, the rent for my student housing that my new club agreed to pay when I signed, still has not come through, hence my finances are in probably their worst state ever, my ankle is still a mess, and well you know, just the sort of chaos is still there. But its weird. I’m totally not thinking or stressing at all about it. I just have this mantra in my head that it will all work out and that things happen for a reason.

At the end of the day, you can just give your best effort towards things, and then just let the universe or whatever you believe in, do the rest. Its a saying my Mum always has said. “Worry is useless, what is needed now is trust”. Its a good one.

So on another note, I have someone that helps me with girlsCAN, my own “coach”, and after telling her about how frustrated I am with how little work I am getting done, because I get constantly sidetracked by going on facebook, I have made a deal with her that I will stay off of it for 10 days. For anyone that knows how often I post every random thought, how much I enjoy looking through friends of friends of friends pictures, and in general the joy this unbelievable time-waster brings to my life, I know that you will all sympathize with this amazing endeavor that I have taken on. I know, how brave, right? Anyways, if I am extra active on this blog this next week, posting my every little thought, you will know why. I will need some kind of an outlet for my extreme desire to procrastinate in my life. Getting things done, would not be so fun, otherwise 🙂

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