Ok, so I apologize that I have been terrible on the blogging front. After probably the most action packed year of my life, I took the rest of 2010 to unwind and now am just getting really rolling here, in what I hope is a very relaxed, non-chaotic year. I did a tally, 12 countries, a Showcase run from millions of miles away (insert shout out to Canadian Nat Team/medical school star Sari Raber who covered while I was playing Switzerland w Ireland), some exciting Ireland games, a bum ankle, a masters thesis, a bankrupt soccer team, and a natural crescendo to 12 months of madness, my first trip to Africa.

2011 is off to a good start. I came to Connecticut last week. I have a great little apartment that I am living in, that is a couple of blocks away from where I lived my freshman and sophomore at Yale. I wandered through the streets the first day I was here, and I can’t believe how much campus has changed. I mean, I guess the place should add a store or two in ten years, so I’d say my main emotion is jealousy in the amount of cool stores that students can now shop in, coffee being able to be consumed in other places besides the cold streets coming out of 7-11 (I know, insane that I went to college before the coffee shop phenomenon hit), and having a grocery store on campus, in the name of Gourmet Heaven.

On the other hand, I think its pretty funny how although the shops on campus might have changed, so many of the same people are around. I went to the gym to get my pass the other day and it was like time had stood still as the same guy was working the front desk. It does add a nice touch of familiarity to the place and makes me not feel so ancient 🙂

I’ve been training with some WPS players and a bunch of guys. Its really fun to just play pick up and get touches on the ball in a relaxed, yet intense environment. I managed to get off to a great start the first day of training. After working out in the gym, one of my training buddies and I decided to kick around on the field at this sweet facility we were working out at; probably five minutes after we entered the field, we jokingly said we’d do 1 v 1s. One attempted meg later (she didn’t get it), her tooth hit my forehead (yes, sometimes, I feel like this stuff only happens to me), and I had blood gushing out of my head and that promptly ended training session number 1.

Its been a blast though getting to reunite with my buddies Manya Makoski and Johanna Rasmussen ,who are both here training as well. I coached Manya when she was in high school, and Johanna and I played in Denmark together for 2.5 years. Both played for the WPS Atlanta Beat last year. It’s nice getting to combine some hard training and good times with old friends.

Speaking of old friends, I was down at the NSCAA Convention in Baltimore this past weekend, with Our Game Magazine , which I am a writer for. Ran into a bunch of old friends, and also got some commitments from coaches who are coming to the Western Canada Soccer Showcase. We have some great stuff lined up for this year, and it truly looks like our best yet.

16 days into 2011, and so far so uneventfully good…..

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  1. Sounds like a good year so far. Can´t wait to hear all about the other amazing things that happen for you this year. Are you playing for the WPS? Is that why you are in Conneticut? Misses and kisses

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