I was just looking at the last time I wrote, and I cannot believe how much time has passed. This blog will basically serve as an update of all the things that I have been up to in the 2 months (gulp!) that its been, since I wrote last here….

I’ve been up to my gypsying ways 🙂 I left Connecticut and headed out to Oslo to finish my thesis. I just had a little bit to finish up, but for the life of me, I just could not get focused and finished. I found a cheap round trip ticket from NYC to Oslo, and thought it would be good to just get it handed in, and get some training in with some friends in Norway and Denmark before heading back home for Whitecaps season.

Well I ended up in front of the computer for about 2 weeks, while crashing with one of my best friends from my time in Oslo, an American named Patrick. Besides my thesis, the only other excitement consisted of hanging out and catching up with some of my friends, and sleeping on an airmattress with a hole in it, and every night trying to find a position on it that would not leave me deflated (no pun intended) on the floor in the morning (the couch was even more uncomfortable 🙂

I got the thesis finished! But, while I was in Norway I got an email from my Ireland coach telling me we had camp in Spain the last week of March. A nice surprise to get to see everyone, and get a good week of 2 a days in while reminding myself what over 10 degrees celsius felt like.

After a great week back in Denmark hanging out with my friend Lisa Woods, who plays for Norway and getting some training in on the grounds of my old club Fortuna Hjorring, I headed up to Kristiansand, where my old club was (before it went bankrupt) and got a couple of days in with 2 of my closest friends, Tommy and Heidi and their little daughter Julie. From there, I reunited with my buddy Shannon, who is now playing for Amazon Grimstad in the Norwegian Toppserien, and we got a 6am wake up call to head to Spain.

Camp went well, and then it was back to Vancouver the beginning of April to get ready for my College Showcase (www.westerncanadasoccershowcase.com). I managed to swing a sweet case of bronchitis in the lead up to the event, all the while trying to get over jetlag, and train for the impending Whitecaps season. As a sidenote, the plan was for a team from Nigeria to come to the Showcase, so there was a lot of preparing to do, outside of normal Showcase protocol….

My two friends that are playing Whitecaps with me this summer, Kelsey Hood and Tiffany Weimer arrived in time to help me get ready for the Showcase and they were awesome, along with my trusty good friend Ken, who is one of those angels that everyone in life deserves to have. His team was the first team that we coached with girlsCAN, and he has stuck around to be a very good friend, and someone that has helped me so much with everything to do with girlsCAN.

At the last minute, the Nigerians didn’t come because of political uprisings after their elections (despite us having secured the ever impossible visas and plane tickets), but the Showcase was the best we’ve ever had- the weather was impeccable and everyone seemed to have a great time. We also had a fundraiser for the Nigeria girls that went very well as well and a silent auction during the Showcase that raised about $2000 for their trip in July (we’ve rescheduled their trip.)

Now we are about 1.5 weeks into Whitecaps season. So great to be on the field again, and pumped to be playing this summer for a class organization. Stay tuned! 

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