(Cue that super cheesy 90’s song )

So my international clearance just went through from Norway, and I’ll be able to play in our first W League game in Victoria this weekend for the Vancouver Whitecaps.

For those of you that don’t know my story, I’ve played for the team on and off since 2002, being with the team when we won the W League Championship in 2006, on one of the best teams I’ve ever played for–which included legends like Christine Sinclair, Tiff Milbrett, Andrea Neil, Kara Lang etc.

I definitely have a story, or 25 to tell from essentially the last decade around this team, but I have to say that it is so encouraging to see where this organization has gone on the women’s side.

Obviously, it doesn’t need to be told that women’s soccer is not a lucrative career. Therefore, the little things, the small efforts of professionalism are so appreciated. So far this year, the little things that the Caps have done to show us that professionalism have been amazing.

Kit, and lots of it. Training on good pitches. A physio that is there at every practice who is outstanding (and qualified; can’t tell you the amount of discount student physios that I’ve seen thrown into women’s practices and unfairly put in the position of trying to deal with complicated injuries). A pre-season meeting yesterday complete with the entire staff of the organization. The head of the organization who used to head up an EPL team, telling us that with 2 daughters, he personally is committed to growing the women’s game here. Seeing amazing professionally done marketing posters for our team, the product of a 4 hour photo shoot. Fantastic housing for the summer. A staff that is there to help us with anything we need. The list goes on and on.

I am so motivated and so excited to play for this team this summer with all this in place, not to mention the absolutely stacked roster of fantastic players.

I think often times, you hear (often rightly), complaints of a lack of professionalism in the women’s game. As the Cap’s president admitted at our pre-season meeting yesterday, they did let things slide on the women’s side for a few years.

But I would like to give some major major props, to the Whitecaps organization for the work they have put in, to really set the stage, and provide one of the best playing environments that I have ever been in.

Now its up to us to show that same effort on the field.

Can’t wait for the season to start.

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