Battling Michelle Heyman of Australia for the ball in a W League match, Canberra v Newcastle, Feb 01, 2014
Battling Michelle Heyman of Australia for the ball in a W League match, Canberra v Newcastle, Feb 01, 2014


Twitter: @ciaramccormack


Hometown: Vancouver, BC, Canada

NCAA Soccer: Yale University, University of Connecticut

W League: Boston Renegades (2001, Champions), Vancouver Whitecaps (2002, 2005, 2006, Champions, 2011), Ottawa Fury (2007, 2008, Captain)

Professional: Denmark: Fortuna Hjorring (2002-2004, 2006). Norway: Asker IK (2008), Kolbotn IK (2009-2010), Donn Toppfotball (2010), New England Mutiny (WPSL-Elite, 2012), Newcastle Jets (Australian W League, 2013-2014)

National Team: Ireland (2008-2014)

Education: Yale (Undergrad), University of Connecticut, Aalborg University, University of Oslo (Masters Degrees)

Founder: girlsCAN Football ( and TOPP Soccer (

In Nigeria working with National Team legend, Maureen Mmadu
In Nigeria working with National Team legend, Maureen Mmadu


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  1. We here at WPSL Maryland Capitols FC actually pay our players for coaching at camps, training and can offer more than most pro teams for this as well as paid internships, we are happy to talk to any quality players and have a stacked roster already for 2012 season , in progress talking to several WPS players currently looking to join us please contact me at

  2. Dear Mrs McCormack,

    Since I wasn’t able to directly conract You, I’ll try this way.
    I’ve just read Your blog post about the situation of young female athletes in Canadian soccer and I’m still speechless, shocked and ashamed of my gender.
    Nobody should be treated like this. And no female should been taken advantage of by males in charge.
    But I’m sure You’re right. This is a story not many want to listen to. But they should. As I fear that this is not only a Canadian thing I want to ask for Your permission to translate Your story into German and publish it on my little blog, so maybe a few people here will read it to.
    So, I hope this message arrives You.

    Thank You for speaking up.

    Best regards,

    1. hi ben, thank you! absolutely permission to translate into German. thank you for your kind words and your support.

  3. Hi Ciara,

    First off, I want to say thank you for sharing your blog post about the Whitecaps organization, Canada Soccer and the abuse and intimidation that you experienced. I admire the courage it took to not only come forward at that time, but to then write the piece and share it publicly.

    Secondly, my co-host and I would like to invite you to be a guest our podcast, For Kicks ( For Kicks is dedicated to providing much-needed coverage of the Canadian women’s national team to fans, but we strive to uplift the women’s game at all levels. We care deeply about the women’s soccer community, and would love to get your take on the greater issue of abuse in sports. Our listeners would be very interested to hear your opinion on how issues of safeguarding could be added into our soccer programs and systems to protect not just players, but all staff in these environments.

    Many thanks once again,


  4. Hi, Great narrative! My family and I have been going through similar issues in the swim world for the last couple of years. Would love to to get your opinion on how or if the system can be fixed. The recent news from the Sports Minister’s office seems to be a lot of fluff and political posturing. Thanks Pete

  5. Hi Ms McCormack,

    I dit a small piece to report about your blog post and the story behind it in a Montréal podcast. I’m very interesting in doing a follow-up and knowing what happened since then as well as discuss about possible solutions to our very broken system. I dont know if you would accept to contact me through stephanierad19@gmail

    Thank you for your attention and have a nice day,


  6. Hi Ciara,

    Thank you for being a voice of change for soccer in this country. I have two daughters (one in the sport) and the amount of politics is disheartening and it isn’t a surprise that our National teams are struggling. The Whitecaps scenario is extreme and we don’t have that same structure in Ontario, but everything still has to flow through the OSA which presents similar issues as in B.C. At any rate, I could go on and on, but thank you again for the work you are doing and just know that your voice is being heard.

    A Dad

  7. Thank you.
    Truly thank you.
    For everything.
    Your voice and others who speak out voices are so very powerful. I cannot imagine how you found the strength. Thank you sincerely.
    The rest of us stand on the shoulders of giants: Your shoulders.

  8. Hi Ciara,

    Watched you on zoom interview this morning and would love to connect with you about safe sport issues if you ever have time. Keep up the fight for change!!! thank you

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