Well I know its a part of playing at this level, but no one said its easy to deal with.

I played my old team yesterday, Asker. We lost, which sucked, but unfortunately for me at about the 60th minute, I went up for a header with one of my old teammates Toril, and I managed to hit her head with my mouth/teeth and the worst part for me, land really awkwardly falling inward on my knees. I’m not quite sure what happened, I just remember seeing the ball, going for it, and then landing in a lot of pain on the ground. My mouth was bleeding so I guess it was what grabbed the attention but as I tried to stand up, both my knees were in a lot of pain and I could hardly put pressure on them to stand up. Toril got taken to the hospital to get stitches. I tried to come back in and played about 5-10 minutes in a fog before asking to get taken out.

The worst part for me is that I am supposed to go to Ireland on Thursday for 2 HUGE matches against Iceland, one in Ireland, the other in Iceland. Right now, my knees feel like I pulled both of my MCL’s and I just feel like crap. A couple of my teeth feel loose as well and I look like I have been punched in the face. I just feel so sad about the timing, yet trying to stay hopeful that another few days of rest and I’ll be good to go. I just can’t tell right now, my knees hurt so much, but I dont know if its part of how hard I fell on them or if the pain is from something structural on the inside.

I am stressed too about being injured in another country and how much this is going to cost if I have done something. These are things that I just hate about the struggle of trying to play. In those rare moments of feeling sorry for oneself, I just think about men’s players and how damn easy they have it and how unfair it is to be worrying not only about if I am going to be able to play for my national team this weekend but how I am going to pay for my treatment to do what I know I need to to get better as soon as I can.

I’m feeling really down and just crossing my fingers that this isn’t serious…

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