So, I travelled 2 hours south yesterday to go to my team’s town and take a visit with the dentist and the physio. I managed to miss the train cause the subway was late, so I was on a bus, trying to communicate with the driver to let me off early so our manager could pick me up. No luck 🙂 On the way home things were just as exciting as the train broke down mid journey in the middle of nowhere and the lights went out. Good thing I understand some Norwegian otherwise I think I would have been kind of petrified that I was in the middle of a hostage taking or something.

Since I am an expert at all matters of the MCL, the physio didn’t tell me much I didn’t already know. Pretty swollen from the fall, hard to tell how bad it is etc. It is always funny to me trying to go to doctor’s physios etc who are not speaking your language as their first one, and the way that you can’t just pretend like you understand like perhaps you would in regular conversation…cause a head nod and “oh really”, that might work if you are talking about the weather tomorrow, doesn’t work if they are telling you in the foreign language that your knee is screwed beyond belief. So we had a pretty cute mix of Norwegian/English going on, that made me feel cautiously optimistic about my knee. At the end of the day, with some perspective, I am realizing that I am really lucky its not very bad, because it really could have been, and worst case scenario I am not ready for the weekend and next week for our playoff games, and just cheer really hard that we make the Euro’s and beat Iceland with Ireland, and have an opportunity to work my butt off before the tournament next summer to make sure I am on the field contributing then. My tooth is a bit loose, and I’m having some trouble eating, but it will hopefully tighten up soon. Dentist said 14 days. And who said soccer isn’t a dangerous sport 🙂

I did write to my Ireland coach and let him know that I was injured. That is always a tough one. I have learned that sometimes it is better not to let on at all that one is injured. In such tough selections for teams etc, I’ve realized sometimes its just better to tough out the pain and be anonymous. But I think at the end of the day I have realized, that you just focus on what you can control and developing yourself into a player that the coach wants more than anything to put on the field. And right now, with being a new player on the team, and not feeling 100 percent right now, I felt like I needed to let him know there was a chance I wouldn’t be 100 percent. Anyways, we’ll see. My knees are starting to feel better, hence my mood is improving 🙂

On the girlsCAN front, I have spent the morning organizing the Western Canada Showcase for next year. I am so excited for another great tournament. Despite so many obstacles, pulling the tournament off last year was one of my biggest accomplishments. Seeing how many girls got opportunities from it, got letters, and through it realized that they have potential as players to go somewhere, was one of the most fulfilling things for me. I have some papers to write for school here in Oslo, but so much more fun organizing the tournament 🙂 Life is full and busy.

Anyways, need to head to the gym to get this knee going…..krydser fingerene (cross your fingers 🙂

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