So I got into Dublin yesterday, not without my prerequisite airport drama. Honestly, I don’t seem to have the brain power not to have some kind of craziness 🙂 I offered to take my roommate on the Irish team, MT’s bags because she was travelling in Europe since our last camp. I was trying to coordinate with a couple of buddies to pick up the bag….and then I ended being on a train that for the first time I have ever taken the airport train, didn’t stop. Awesome 🙂 So after buying a ticket back to her stop, missing the train by seconds, I asked her to just drive to the airport so I didnt take any risks. If you wonder why I am so paranoid, I forgot my passport the last trip we had, missed my flight and had to pay $400 to buy a new flight so I could meet the team before we drove to Sweden. Ridiculous!

So I am in Dublin now, and of course being in the thick of things now I am SO bummed that I am not going to be able to play. It sucks, just terrible luck. But at the same time, I was thinking last night about that cheezy yet true quote. Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you react. So I am trying my best to see the positive, most of all that I am only out for a few weeks and then I’m back ready for next season and just use this disappointment as the fuel to fire my best year yet. 2009. I was talking to my teammate Denise last night who has been on the Irish team for a long time, and she was saying how amazing it is for them to be 2 games away from playing in a major championship because they used to get hammered so often. So I am just going to cross every finger I have that we make it, and work so hard to be a leader on the team in terms of preparation and hope to have an impact in 2009.

And as a p.s. I just am drinking my first caramel machiato. I think its the best thing I have ever tasted in my life. GO IRELAND!

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