So we play against Israel tonight. Should be a good game, and hopefully a win for us. We have trained 4 times in the last 2 days and I woke up this morning not really able to walk properly, with the overload on my ankle. At the same time, I felt that I have had to do that if I want to get in the game tonight. In a weird way I am happy that I woke up with my ankle feeling like such crap, because I think I have lost my starting spot because the girl that went in for me played well against Russia, and so I was pretty mad at myself, wondering if I could have just sucked it up and played. Feeling how it feels this morning, and knowing it felt like that before, reminded me of why I stepped out for the Russia game. It is what it is. These injuries are frustrating, but at the end of the day, whoever gets the job of our coach, which I think will be the interim one now, will up the competition, and as I have done before, I will use this as motivation to train my butt off until our next camp so she knows that I am someone that without a shadow of a doubt should be on the field.

That being said, this time with the Irish girls has been exactly what I have needed to get my head back on track. All the crap going on in Norway really had me down, and just a few days with the Irish girls has me in a happy, positive state of mind. There really is something just so special about the Irish. They are funny, caring, witty, just such solid people, and I am so proud to play for this team and this country. I sat around dinner last night with some of the young ones, telling stories and we just sat there for about an hour in hysterics. Really, despite all the ups and downs, the lessons I have learned in this journey and the people I have met have been worth every valley that I have encountered.

Big game against Israel tonite, a great night out with the girls after, and then some time with my cousins in Cork, and then back home to Norway on Saturday. I am so blessed.

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