So the news hit the papers today that our club is in danger of going bankrupt. The excitement never seems to end πŸ™‚ But at least I am part of a club now that pays its players even if that means that they get themselves into financial trouble to do it. Can’t have it all πŸ™‚ I think to be honest, its just more to raise alarm to the community that this is happening, so hopefully people that care about our team would step forward and help us out, which I believe is starting to happen. I would be shocked if we were to go bankrupt, especially in the middle of the season. Anyways, definitely spiced the end of the week up, and lord only knows my life needs some more spice in it. Ha!

I just look at things though and it frustrates me so much because you just look around the world and there are all these leagues in financial trouble, and for me, it just boils down to structure. Things aren’t run like a business and its all built on such a rotten foundation that of course, regardless if there are years here and there where people infuse money, the foundation is not strong and so it just feels like the leagues take maybe a step forward to take 2 back. It definitely makes me want to be involved changing it for the girls coming up in the future, just because it seems so unnecessary for things being the way that they are.

Now onto the reasons why I love doing this (I need to include that right? because I am sure this tortuous (I say that tongue in cheek) life that I claim to be leading needs to have some purpose; some method to the madness if you will. Well we are in Trondheim right now for a match this weekend, a really important one, in our quest to stay up in the top league next year (the bottom 2 teams go down, and we are currently 2 spots out of this relegation zone, playing the team just below us this weekend). Trondheim is one of the bigger cities in Norway and it is absolutely beautiful. We are staying in the center of town, and came in last night as Norway was in the midst of pulling out an exciting 2-1 win over Iceland in the Euro qualifiers.

We had been travelling for about 4 hours, as we got in via Oslo from Kristiansand, and as we went upstairs to what we thought would be a good night of sleep, the coaches told us to meet downstairs to go for a jog at 10:30pm. Keep in mind, its a Friday night and we are staying above one of the busiest bars in town. So my roommate Shannon and I decided to get into ridiculous running outfits to go for our jog (we still thought the whole thing was a joke at this point).

Oh no though, they were being serious. So off we went…

The team is so funny, and so we were cracking jokes the whole way along, and then got to this grassy patch by this river where we were stretching out in the dark, laughing, singing, making fun of what a fantastic Friday night we were having. And it was one of those moments that as seemingly insignificant as it was, that I sat there thinking to myself, I am in a random Norwegian city, surrounded by girls from 4 different countries, singing, laughing and stretching on a Friday night in the dark. This really is the life. and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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