I got back in from Trondheim yesterday to Oslo after a fantastic weekend with my new team. I feel very blessed to say that I have found myself amongst a team with just wonderful spirit, and great personalities. There are a lot of foreigners, but whats cool is that everyone mixes in together, foreigners and non, and its just really cool that after only 3 games with this team, I feel like I have known them forever. There are 4 Americans, me, and then a Portguese icon named Edite Fernades, and a Serbian icon, Vanja Stefanovic. Its again just so cool chatting to people and getting to know them better and learn about all the different worlds we come from.

Well we had a very important game on the weekend in our quest to be the first Toppserien team in the last 4 years to come up from the 1st division and last for more than a year in the Toppserien. We won against Kattem 2-1. It was a pretty painful game to be a part of, as it felt more like a rugby match as opposed to a soccer game. Personally for me, I get so frustrated when people dont have that fight in their game, getting stuck in for tackles and the like, but it got better as the game went on. Lena, who is from Trondheim, came on and scored a corner kick that I think half of us had turned on because we thought it had gone out, but it took a weird swerve into the side netting, which we were happy to take. The second goal came from a great half volley by Kelsey off of a corner. She plays defensive center mid for us, and I think she is a fantastic player, so it was nice to see her get on the scoreboard.

Unfortunately we gave up a goal in the last couple of minutes of the match, which made the end more exciting than it needed to be, but all in all, it was good to see that we could win a game that I think was the worst we have played since I have been here. I thought I had a pretty good match, although it was really weird to play a game like that after the game against Stabæk, as the level between the teams was just a stark contrast. Our manager came running over after the game and gave me a huge hug and told me that I was the cheapest, most well spent money they have ever spent. I guess I will take that as a compliment! 🙂 The good news for me though, is that they know that I am playing injured, and that I was recommended by our physio to stop immediately and take 2 months off of football completely, so they came up to me at the airport and told me to get as much physio as I needed in Oslo this week and to save the receipts because the club will cover it. Ah, its just the little things 🙂

We headed out as a team afterwards to this really cool area in Trondheim called “Solsiden”, where we ate dinner, and then a few of us stayed out. We hit up this really cosy cafe and chatted it up, and then we went to a club in Trondheim. I had gotten hit in the head in the game a couple of times, and my ankle was throbbing, so I didnt last very long, but it was fun to get a taste of the nightlife in another city. The best part was apparently it was a 5 minute walk home from the club, but with my outstanding (not!) sense of direction, it ended up taking me 30 minutes. All in all it was a super fun weekend, and now I am back in Oslo hitting my thesis hard, looking forward to getting back down to Kristiansand 🙂

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