So I was supposed to head down to Kristiansand this morning, but was stopped by a earplug that I had shoved too far in my ear a few days ago. Cant remember if I mentioned it or not, but I unfortunately, was far too enthusiastic making sure that there was no noise in my sleeping life a few nights ago, and with the result, could not hear properly for the last few days. Even better when people are speaking a foreign language and you can only hear half of what they are saying. I wasnt sure the rules about doctors here, so instead of risking having to come back up to Oslo, I thought the better idea would be to stay up here and go to the doc here. So one nasty rinse of water in my ears and magic, there was the ear plug remnants. I know, gross eh?

So I’ve spent the rest of my day working on my thesis and an article for a soccer magazine I am contributing to (Our Game Magazine, facebook, and “like” it, if you get the chance!) and getting ready for round 2 of hit up Kristiansand tomorrow. I had some stress as my new club hadn’t paid my rent like they had said they had, but it got resolved so although I have gotten an eviction notice from my student housing for late rent, they finally came through. I guess this whole year has been meant to teach me patience. Something like that! Ha! I also had a great chat this morning with the editor of Our Game Magazine. She is playing in Sweden, and actually rooming with my Irish teammate Fiona, and it was just really inspiring talking to someone that shares a passion for the game and is doing something super brave and admirable in putting together her own soccer magazine for girls around the world. So amazing.

Now I am going to try and go on a hunt for some books for my thesis while bribing myself with lattes and chocolate to make sure I get done everything I am supposed to :). Looking forward to getting back down to K-sand and seeing all the girls and settling into my new city!

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