So I haven’t written that much this week because well there has not been a whole lot going on. After feeling like my life was dodging one tsunami wave after another, this is kind of a blessing. I have been getting settled into Kristiansand and getting settled with everything. I am living with some friends from Denmark and their 1 year old, and she is pretty much the cutest thing ever. “Airplanes” by Rihanna and Eminem came on the radio the other day and she started dancing, and it was priceless. The most rhythm I have ever seen in a white toddler. I have to get it on film. I have gone to a couple of practices this week, and just learned my way around town. Our team here is still having financial problems, our manager just quit to save some more money in the budget, but they are getting our funding worked out and things seem like they are under control. My old club Kolbotn did not put money in my account September 15 like they were supposed to, but with all the lying they have already done, and the fact that it just seems like doing the right thing is not on their agenda, its just one of those things, I have had to just move on from, and if I get the money I am owed great, if not, I am just thankful to have a roof over my head and food on the table. Its just wasted energy wishing bad upon people. The good news is that my new team Donn will play my old team Kolbotn, at Kolbotn next weekend, so I just want to focus as playing as well as I can and take my frustration in the situation out on the field by having a fantastic game and helping us get 3 points.

Other than that, I am writing for a fantastic soccer magazine called “Our Game Magazine” put together by a WPS player (google Our Game Magazine and sign up to get the issues sent to you) and writing my thesis. Good times. One of my friends that I met in Vietnam when I was travelling, is from here, and so I got a tour of the city yesterday which was fun. Kristiansand is a beautiful place if any of you are out there travelling.

I have started to think about what is in store next year. I was talking to one of my friends that I feel somewhat crazy to not just head home after everything that has happened this year. I have a great family, fantastic, loyal friends (who all seem to be the parents of gorgeous brand new babies), a wonderful city, a tremendous opportunity with girlsCAN to build it….but I just am drawn to the challenge, and being over here is definitely a challenge. I look back on this year and in some moments I just wish none of it happened, that I didn’t have to go through what I went through, but then on the other hand, I think of everything I have learned, and that wisdom beats a million times over, a nice easy year. Everytime we overcome something hard, its a chance to learn, whether that be what’s important in life, who our true friends are, about other people, about the world around us–gifts that allow us to enjoy our own lives more, and make other people’s around us better. That is what it truly important. So who knows right now what comes next, but I’m grateful for everything that I have been given and thankful to be staring out the window at a beautiful day and looking forward to a fun practice with a great team later.

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