So things have been a little nuts these last 3 weeks. I really didn’t know so much could happen, but as always, this year feels like its some kind of crazy book that is trying to be 10 times as thick as a normal novel.

I think I’ll just list them

1. Government officially told our club that we have a deadline to pay the tax that our former manager didn’t pay, and so there has been a slew of articles in the local paper about what dire straits our team is in. No one has gotten any money in the last 2 months, and if you are familiar at all with world prices, Norway has been consistently ranked as one of the top 3 most expensive places to live. I write this as I am munching on my $10 gas station sandwich.

2. Our team despite this financial situation, has been a shining example of what is so great about women’s sports. People have moved out of their apartments, lending each other money, and we are determined to finish out the season and give ourselves the best chance possible for a team next season.

3. I have been actively looking at a way for girlsCAN to overtake the club, fulfill a dream of mine to run a pro club, and just prove in general that its not women’s soccer that is an unworthy product; rather it is the many imbeciles that somehow get into positions of power.

4. I coached our team against my old team Kolbotn. We have lost all our staff, and have a player-coach. She was obviously playing, my ankle is done for the season, so with that being said, I made my coaching debut on the 25th of Sept.

5. I had my birthday and basked in the facebook birthday wish love,

6. I went to Stockholm and visited my friends Fiona, who plays with me for Ireland and her roomie, my editor Tiff, for an awesome soccer magazine that I write for. Its called Our Game Magazine. Check it out.

It has become clear to me these last couple of weeks, that I’m no longer fulfilled just playing. I think its time to step up and really try and make a difference, for this fantastic sport, and these fabulous girls, to get the recognition it deserves and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.



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