So things have been a bit frustrating in these last couple of days, and again, I am reminded of the importance of just looking and focusing on the positives, taking one little step at a time, and controlling what I am able to control.

I am also experiencing the stress of money, and that’s a positive thing I think in understanding how I think probably 90 percent of the world feels. Its good to understand what its like. Basically my old club owes me about $2000 that I expected to have in my bank account soon after getting back here, that isn’t there, and now I am in a position where I am having to fight them on it. Again, that overwhelming of what is the point of all this. Anyways, I hate fighting with people or disagreements, but its just come down to utter disrespect at this point, and I guess I am going to have to go after it with them. Frustrating, but this is a pattern now.

Anyways, I had a great night last night with my friends Heidi and Tommy from my college in Denmark who live here in Kristiansand, the town is beautiful, the girls I am living with here are great and the team is really nice as well. I know its just a matter of getting through things for a bit and I know there is the top of the mountain waiting for me with a little view that will make this all seem to make sense.

I also went to the physio yesterday and he seemed to do something with my ankle that really helped. I just want to get back to just being totally focused on the soccer again…first game in 4 months tomorrow. Im excited…

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