So, I play my first game since the beginning of April today. Pretty exciting! I am starting at center back, so I am really looking forward to that, although our team seems to play very different to Kolbotn, aka, don’t possess it around the back, and the new team focusses on getting it up the field as quickly as possible. I was thinking about it today, as I love to play possession and I’m on a team now that isn’t as familiar with it, but its a chance to work on my long passing. I was thinking at practice yesterday if I would rather be on a better team that plays, where I have trouble getting off the bench, or if its better for me to be on a team that I actually get to be a real contributor. And at this point in my career, I would rather be someone who gets to contribute, and hey, even if I can hang in there body wise for another year or two, use my contacts and experience with soccer, to build a team that becomes better and better. That could be super fun.

SO fingers crossed for the game today. Its actually a team from the North that has two of my good friends here in Norway on it, an American and a Kiwi. The best part is that we are hopping in a car after the game to head up to Oslo to hang out with Becky (my best friend from Kolbotn) and the Oslo gang of girls, that includes Sasha Andrews, another Canadian player on yet another team. So us foreigners are doing as good a job as we can to bring the whole league together 🙂 Should be a load of fun….

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